Staffing Specialist ...

Wish to hire fast? No problem, at Integrity Staffing we provide a strategic long-term solution to your staffing needs. We take the time to learn about your business, create a program that meets your demands, and execute the plan with an experienced team. Our multi-step application process helps ensure the employees who arrive at your location are well prepared and ready to work. Do you have a job vacancy that you wish to recruit in a timely manner? Whether you want to fill a new position, replace a staff or get an additional employee we can be of great help. We are a leading recruitment firm in Kenya and have recruited for local and foreign businesses. We can assist you get staff for mid, supervisory and managerial roles. From the back office to the factory floor and the programmers’ cubes to the boardroom, Integrity Staffing can provide you with exceptional professionals throughout your company »more

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people to be successful by placing them in the right position with the right client.

Vision Statement

To be the leading and most respected staffing agency in the region, and to be valued as a trusted advisor by our clients and associates.

Our Core Values

Integrity Staffing has always been values-driven. Honest, Solution, Teamwork & Mindfulness are our values

The Integrity Staffing difference!

We are passionate about contributing to your success story. For nearly 10 years, Integrity Staffing has worked diligently to provide our clients with staffing solutions that matter. You need reliable employees, both short-term and long-term. Through our years of experience and our customized approach to designing staffing programs, our goal is to understand, engage and deliver as one of your most valued partners.

Why should you work with Integrity Staffing Solutions?


Access to a variety of workplace opportunities in diverse careers and environments.


Enhance your skills through coaching, ongoing training and support.


Enjoy dynamic networking opportunities, flexibility and comprehensive benefit plans


Build lasting connections and find an employer to grow with long-term vision

Explore our staffing solutions ...

  • Short-term temporary staffing for limited time project needs

  • Just-in-time staffing for those available for last-minute request

  • Long-term/contract staffing; for long, seasonal or ongoing needs

  • Temp-to-hire programs; test job prospects for weeks before hiring

  • Direct hire services; we can directly recruit candidates for you

Our commitment to quality service

Whatever your strategic staffing need is, Integrity Staffing has a customized solution for you. We are here to listen, learn about your business, and understand your unique challenges and needs. Our industry experience, knowledge of our clients’ operations and great business ethics have been major reasons for our success. We handle all staffing processes seamlessly!

Our Loyal Clients

At Integrity Staffing we're proud to collaborate and work with the best-of-breed employment providers. Meet some of our clients and partners ~

  • Mission Direct
  • HEVO
  • Java House
  • MD
  • BOB
  • Ramtons
  • Oxfam
  • Total
  • BC
  • Maroo
  • GE